Transformation Colour

Create a new you with a rich, vibrant or smokey new head of hair. An entire colour palette awaits, leaving your locks refreshed, glossy and conditioned. Depending on your desired shade, this instant makeover can be applied as a single service or may require a base coat first.

Short $120 Medium $130 Long $140

Regrowth tint application $80.00
Colour Refresh through to the ends 
Short $40
Medium $50
Long $60
Base coat additional

Short $40 Medium $50 Long $60
Duration : 45 mins – 1.5 hrs


Highlighting / Foiling

Opting for highlights, gives your colour technician total control over your final look. Subtle or more noticeable streaks, the versatility of highlights also extends to choosing multiple shades and levels of lightness and darkness.

Tired of a few pesky greys?
Highlight’s are also a great way to disguise and blend your whites whilst maintaining some of your own natural colour. They can add dimension, without creating a high maintenance regrowth.

1/4 Head Foils $90
1/2 Head Foils $130
3/4 Head Foils $165
Full Head Foils $210

Duration : 2.5 – 4 hrs

Micro-weaving is a technique for ultra-fine precision foiling which creates a seamless shimmer of colour through the hair. This is the ultimate colouring technique for achieving an “expensive” looking blonde.
additional. $20 per 1/4 head
Duration : Additional 15 mins per 1/4 head.

Toner may be required for highlights.


Base colour regrowth can be applied in between highlights.

Short $45 Medium $55 Long $60

Full Scalp Lightening

This technique is used to achieve a very light colour all over. Such as a creamy, white or silver blonde. This method results in hair being super light, bright and one-tone.
Full scalp lightening is very high maintenance and regrowth needs to be attended to within 4 – 5 weeks of your last visit.

Standard regrowth 1 cm $120
Additional applications $60
Toner additional $50
Duration : 1 – 2.5 hrs


Swept or hand-painted highlighting technique. This method of colouring hair allows your technician to apply several different shades at one time. Adding dimension and personalising brightness. Low maintenance colour with maximum impact. If your natural colour at the root area also needs changing, a base colour may also be applied during a balayage.

Short $120 Medium $135 Long $150

Base shade additional
2 -5 cms $35 5 -10 cms $45 10 – 20 cm $55

Toner may be required

Duration : 1.5 – 3 hrs



Root colour gradually lightening from the roots to the ends. If your natural hair colour isn’t already dark, you may require a base colour to deepen and dramatise your ombre effect.

Pre-lightening your hair

Short $150 Medium $165 Long $175

Base shade at root additional

10 cm $35 10-15 cm $45 15 – 25 cm $55

Zonal Toning

Multiple toners will be utilised to create your ombre.
The number of zones applied will be dependent on how many levels in your ombre.

Toner will be required.

1 Zone $50
2 Zones $70
3 Zones. $80

Ombre techniques
Duration : 2 .5 – 4 hrs


During lightening services, your hair reveals unwanted pre-existing red, orange and yellow pigments.
Hair toners neutralise any unwanted remaining brassy tones. They also add your desired shade and coat the outside surface of your hair, locking in shine.
Pre-lightening toners
Duration : 5 – 35 mins


Refreshing Bridging Toner

Aged highlights which are lacklustre, may need an instant pigment boost. A bridging toner may be recommended as a colour refresher. A bridging toner can be applied at the 3 week point.

Only suitable as a repeated post-pigment service.
Short $40 Medium $60 Long $80
Duration : 30 mins